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Do you have a debtor based in The Netherlands that does not respond to your payment requests or is unwilling to solve a dispute? Straetus Debt Collection offers professional debt collection services in the Netherlands. Straetus Amsterdam has over 30 years of experience in collecting debts. In this section you’ll find information about our debt collection services in English. If you need more information, please call André de Bruin 0031-(0)88 0440068 or send us an e-mail at


We are offering professional debt collection services in the Netherlands.

The owner of Straetus Amsterdam has over 30 years of experience in credit management, working for various international companies. In 2014 he started a debt collection branch for Straetus in Amsterdam. Since then he is servicing a client base with debt collection, court procedures, recovery investigations, credit checks and accounts receivable management.

To start the collection, we need a copy of the original invoice and contact details of the debtor. Preferably also the contract and other correspondence between you and the debtor. You can deliver the information to us by e-mail. We begin with the collection procedures immediately.

We always start our collection process by sending a letter by regular mail and e-mail to the debtor. In the letter we inform the debtor we are collecting the debt on your behalf. Our expert team will take care of the collection from the beginning to the end! From sending dunning letters, requesting a judicial decision to following up the execution of the sentence.

The friendly debt collectors

Straetus is internationally known as ‘The friendly debt collectors’. At all times we will first try to establish contact with your debtor. We eighter work out a financial solution or discuss the case if your debtor or his lawyer thinks there are legitimate reasons to not pay (the full) debt. With 30 years of experience in negotiations we know how to act best in your long term interest.

When we succeed we are entitled for our reward in the form of commission.

We do report about the progress of the collection regularly. Our clients can also follow the case on our website, so you can easily keep up with the collection.

Hence, if your debtor is based or lives in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact debt collection Netherlands!


Straetus debt collection Netherlands tries to collect the debt through friendly contacts and negotiations. To achieve this, Straetus contacts the debtor directly, demanding, on the client’s behalf, full payment of the amount owed, including interests. These services include the necessary preparation of all writing agreements and contracts and the effective recovery of the debt owed.

The fees for this service are charged purely on a success bases (no collection no fee basis) applicable to the effectively collected debt amount, therefore incentivizing a favorable end-result.

If the debtor is based in the Netherlands, the fees charged by Straetus to the client are based on the following scale (with a minimum of € 70):

Up to € 2.500,-                                      15% fee

From € 2.500,- up to € 25.000,-          10% fee

In excess of € 25.000,-                          5% fee

We deduct the commission from the collected amount when we deposit the collected amount into your account. If the debtor has made the payment directly to you, we will invoice the commission.

In some cases we ask our client to pay a fee before we start the debt collection process. For example when the debtor protets against your invoice and we need to reply to that first. Or when we need to help you to put your claim together and make it solid.

When the out of court collection has not succeeded, for example due to an indigent debtor, we shall not invoice you anything. In addition we suffer the costs of collection as a loss ourselves.


If the extrajudicial collection is not successful, we can offer legal collection. This option represents the initiation of legal proceedings against the debtor, in the Netherlands demanding full payment of the amount owed, including interests.

Straetus debt collection Netherlands advises the client on whether to initiate the  legal proceedings, although leaving the client with the final decision, and keeping at all times the client informed of any developments during the proceeding. If the amount of the debt is below 25.000 euro we will handle the court proceedings ourselves. This is the same for rent related debts for an unlimited amount. All other cases above 25.000 euro will be handled by one of our lawyer firms.

Low cost legal proceedings for debts up to 25.000 euro:

We will charge upfront an amount that includes the court fees, bailiff costs and an amount to accompany the legal procedure. The height is depending on the amount of the debt and if the creditor is a private person/small business or an legal entity. Mostly between 450 and 1.200 euro). This amount will be charged to the debtor if the legal proceedings are successful and the debtor has paid. If  no success is achieved, the provision  of funds will not be returned. If you don’t want to take the risk, we can offer to cover the legal costs at our own risk against an extra percentage of commission.

Cancelling the collection

If you cancel the collection partially or totally, or if the collection assignment has been groundless, we shall invoice the commission calculated from the whole amount of debt.

Call us to discuss your options

Do you want to discuss the best approach and your options to retrieve debt in The Netherlands? Call us on 088 – 044 00 68. Or send an e-mail to We are also happy to meet you face to face on Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype.

Clients about Straetus Amsterdam

‘We are a software company from India. Our Dutch client tried to ignore us first and then blow us off with a small amount of the total debt. Straetus Amsterdam got the attention of their board members and their lawyer immediately. He succeeded to collect a large part of the debt. We were so relieved!'
‘We are a clothing manufacturer in the UK, exporting to a large number of countries in Europe. Funny to say, but we love to work with André, who is covering all our European debt collection outside the UK. If needed, he involves his Straetus colleagues in other countries’
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