Collection of deposits

The housing market and office rental market are overheated in The Netherlands, and especially in the Amsterdam region. One side effect is that deposits are more often not returned by the landlord after the rental period ended. You don’t get any response at all or just lame excuses. How can you collect your money?

Specialised in collection rental related debts and deposits

We help people and businesess from all over the world to collect deposits from landlords and rental brokers or real estate agents. We get in touch, listen to the arguments and get the debt paid or ask you for extra evidence. If needed we propose a payment plan and follow that up. Or we track and trace the debtor to remind them of the debt. So far we can help you no cure no pay. If it’s an undisputed debt our fee is 15%. So we will only charge you if we succeed in getting the debt paid. Should all of this not work, we will propose legal action if we think we can get a verdict and there is a good chance we can collect the debt. Commercial debts in Holland expire after five years. When the debt is disputed it is not a lost case. Tell us your story and we can decide if and how to approach and what the fee will be. 

If you have questions or want to hand over your debt to us, please contact your debt collector André de Bruin, on working days between 08:30 en 17:00 (GMT) via 0031 (0)88– 044 00 68. Or send and e-mail to

Customers about Straetus Amsterdam

‘CEO of an Indian software company: our last contact with a Dutch software development company was that we should agree to a payment of 10% because they had money problems. And for them that was final. That would have meant our bankruptcy to. André got the complete board to listen and eventually we received 90%.’
‘Owner of an English company: we have rented an office in Amsterdam for a while, but we did not receive back the deposit we paid to a real estate agent. After the intervention from Straetus we got it back within a week. Including 8% interest’
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